Thursday, December 14, 2017

Boxing Day 2017 in Australia : Best Offers

One of the most important dates on the shopping calendar in Australia, is Boxing Day. This event which falls on 26 December every year presents incredible offers that are worth the wait.

A vast array of products will be available at a plethora of different shopping outlets, as businesses endeavour to get rid of excess stock following the Christmas season.

Wherever you are based, be it Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or any other major Australian city, there are sure to be a number of stores nearby with incredible offers.

Remember to arrive early so as to not miss the best bargains!

New Years Eve New York 2017 Times Square

As the days begin counting down to new years eve, many people are looking forward to welcoming 2018 with large celebrations throughout the world.

One of the places that always hosts spectacular events is New York, especially the firework displays and party in Times Square.

Different venues in the vicinity of this iconic area will play host to a plethora of different events and shows.

This December 31 over one million people are expected to congregate in order to see the famous New Year`s Eve Ball drop and bid farewell to a memorable 2017.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Will there be a war with North Korea? December 2017

In recent days there has been a serious ratcheting up of the rhetoric between the United States and North Korea, this coming amid large-scale air drills between the world superpower and their ally South Korea.

The habitual bellicose tirades have been voiced by the regime in Pyongyang, claiming that the US is "Begging for nuclear war". In addition a missile launch originated from the hermit state just a few days ago after a two month lull in activity, the US affirms that the object was an ICBM, suggesting that Kim Jong-Un is edging ever closer to nuclear strike capability on the United States.

President Donald Trump for his part, used his first speech at the UN in September to vow to "Totally destroy" North Korea, should it threaten the US, striking a notably harsher tone compared to his predecessors.

Another sign of increasing unease at the current climate is the fact that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has urged the Pentagon to start evacuating US military families from South Korea.

Houthis take over Sanaa, Capital of Yemen : December 2017

Houthi rebels claim to have consolidated control in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, announcing the "end of crisis" within the city.

This comes following a claim by the Iran-backed group that the ex President Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed as he attempted to flee amidst increasing violence involving myriad militias.

A civil war is ongoing in the country since March 2015, when Saudi Arabia embarked on a bombing campaign, fearing the Houthis were being used as a proxy by its arch enemy Iran in order to gain influence on their southern border.

These latest developments come amid a backdrop of serious tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia across the entire middle east, with each one vying for influence, especially in Qatar (Currently under blockade by the Saudis and their allies), Syria, Lebanon and of course Yemen.

Brexit Deal 2017 Details

An agreement between the UK and EU on the first stage of brexit negotiations may be drawing nearer, EU Council president Donald Tusk has indicated.

Saying that he was "encouraged by progress" on different issues, suggesting agreement on the "divorce bill" and citizens rights was "getting closer".

Brexit has laid bare a deep-seated divide within UK politics, many are frustrated at the lack of progress that has been made hitherto, while others continue to insist that in order to get a good deal, the process will have to be somewhat laborious.

It has been reported from different sources that the UK has offered to pay at least 50 billion euros for the "divorce bill", leading to criticism from leading pro brexiteers, who affirm that the amount is excessive.

Protests at Milo Yiannopoulos Event in Melbourne

Controversial provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos who has garnered a massive amount of both supporters and detractors in the UK and US, where he is most well known, has now arrived in Australia for his "Troll Academy" tour.

Violent clashes broke out in Melbourne after details of the venue for his speech were leaked, both left-wing protesters and supporters of Yiannopoulos faced off and police were forced to intervene to separate the two groups as punches were thrown. At least two arrests have been made.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

At What Time is The Super Moon Today December 3 2017

The only "Supermoon" of 2017 will occur this Sunday December 3.

People from all around the world will be able to appreciate this celestial phenomena that will grace our skies this weekend.

This occurs due to the fact that the lunar orbit is elliptic and when its maximum approach coincides with a full moon, we are the honored recipients of a "Supermoon".

This astronomical process causes our natural satellite to appear about 12-14% larger than normal, granting a fine spectacle for seasoned stargazers and novices alike.