Monday, November 20, 2017

New Elections in Germany Government November 2017

Angela Merkel, current leader of Germany has expressed her preference for a second election in the country over the forming of a possible minority government.

This statement came on the back of the heels of the news that coalition talks between Merkel`s center-right CDU party and the Freedom Democratic Party (FDP) had broken down.

“We are facing a situation which [we] did not face in the Federal Republic of Germany for almost 70 years", stated German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Germany is the biggest economy in Europe and fourth biggest in the world and if it is unable to form a stable government then possible economic tumult awaits in the near future.

North Korea Declared State Sponsor of Terrorism

North Korea has become the fourth country on the list of state terrorism sponsors following an announcement by Donald Trump at the White House this Monday.

“Today the United States is designating North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism,” declared Trump, adding that “It should have happened a long time ago, should have happened years ago.”

The tension between the US and North Korea has been ratcheting up over the past few months since Trump took office, with the commander in chief even using his speech at the UN to declare that the US would have no choice but to "totally destroy North Korea" were the US or any of its allies threatened by the rogue state.

Nibiru Planet X End of the World November 2017

Conspiracy theorists have gone into overdrive during the course of the last few days, insisting that the return of "nibiru" or "planet x" will occur on Sunday November 19.

The mythical celestial object is said to have an orbit of 3,600 years and its passing is associated with massive gravitational and atmospheric effects, leading many proponents of the theory to make doomsday predictions.

Despite these catastrophic predictions becoming ever more ubiquitous in recent years, hitherto the earth has avoided calamity and most experts in the astronomical field vehemently deny the existence of Nibiru, including Nasa.

The concept of Nibiru can be traced back to Babylonian times with various different texts making reference to it and it is on this basis that modern day proponents of the theory draw their justification.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Video Bear Shot Dead in Osnabruck Zoo Germany

Another sad incident has ocurred in a zoo, this time in Germany, where a rare hybrid brown-polar bear was shot dead after escaping from its enclosure.

OsnaBruck Zoo, was forced to evacuate 4,000 people after the animal reportedly broke free from its cage and was shot in order to prevent danger to visitors and staff.

It is the second tragedy in the last few days at Germany´s zoos after a baby polar bear named Fritz died earlier this week.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mardi Gras Accident Crash in Alabama 2017 Photos

During a Mardi Gras parade in the city of Gulf Shores, Alabama, a tragic incident occurred when a van impacted a high school marching band from behind, leaving 11 people injured, 3 of them are in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing screams as the alarming scene unfolded, with one person claiming that the vehicle accelerated into the crowd.

The event has since been canceled in the town, which has a population of about 10,000 people.

People continue to investigate the incident, and it is unknown whether it was an accident or done on purpose.

Video François Hollande Shots Fired During Speech

During a speech conducted by French President François Hollande, there was a moment of alarm when a gunshot sounded nearby.

It turned out to be the result of one of the police officers, who had the responsibility to protect the event, fired his rifle by accident, injuring his leg and one other person.

The President momentarily stopped his speech while glancing to one side, in an apparent attempt to get some feedback on what had occurred, Saying "I hope it isn`t serious".

France has been in a state of emergency since it was rocked by terrorist attacks in November 2015, killing 130.

Mt Etna Eruption Photos March 2017

Mt Etna in Sicily is the highest and most active volcano in Europe and on Monday night it provided the inhabitants of the region with an awe-inspiring sight.

A dramatic eruption spewed ash and lava from the south east corner of the crater, being visible from the nearby towns of Catania and Taormina.

Etna and its neighbor Mt Vesuvius, are two of the most studied volcanoes in the world, due to a convergence of different factors, including size, historic eruptions, ongoing activity and proximity to highly populated areas.