Friday, January 19, 2018

Government Shutdown January 19 2018

This Friday a government shutdown is looming in the United States at midnight. It would be the first such occurrence in 4 years.

A government shutdown happens when the President and Congress do not pass appropriations legislation which would allow for the funding of different agencies and government functions.

Democrats are demanding concessions from the President in order to raise the debt ceiling and thus prevent a shutdown of the government, which occurred twice under President Obama (in 2011 and 2013).

The main points of contention are the Children`s Health Insurance Program and the non deportation of so-called dreamers, both of these issues are of vital importance to the democratic minority.

Fake News Awards 2018 Winners

Donald Trump gleefully took to his favorite medium of communication on Wednesday evening, announcing the winners of his "Fake News Awards".

The New York Times and CNN were the media outlets most frequently named by Trump, who has rallied against "Fake News" since the beginning of his campaign in 2015.

Despite some setbacks in his agenda, the President has managed to maintain the loyalty of his base, the majority of whom do not trust the mainstream media and accuse them of political bias.

John Mccain, Republican Senator from Arizona and previous presidential candidate John Mccain, who is a longtime foe of the President, immediately distanced himself from Trump´s actions. "The phrase "fake news" granted legitimacy by an American president is being used by autocrats to silence reporters, undermine political opponents, stave off media scrutiny and mislead citizens" he wrote.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Year Fireworks in London 2017-2018

The great city of London is world renowned for putting on a dazzling firework display to welcome in the new year, in addition to a plethora of other activities.

This December 31, 2017, will be no different, with the London Eye once again being the staging area for this event. It is best to prepare your evening with anticipation, due to the high level of congestion that is generated on this particular date.

Tickets are sold out for this year but you will be able to follow the fireworks live on television.

Travel on the Transport of London network will be cost-free between the hours of 11.45pm-4.30am.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Video Train Accident in Washington : December 2017

An Amtrak train has derailed this morning in Washington State. Photos quickly emerged from the scene showing that various carriges plunged from a bridge onto a highway, prompting authorities to label it as a "Mass casuality" event.

According to intial reports, the train was making on inaugural trip for a high-speed service from Seattle to Portland.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Boxing Day 2017 in Australia : Best Offers

One of the most important dates on the shopping calendar in Australia, is Boxing Day. This event which falls on 26 December every year presents incredible offers that are worth the wait.

A vast array of products will be available at a plethora of different shopping outlets, as businesses endeavour to get rid of excess stock following the Christmas season.

Wherever you are based, be it Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or any other major Australian city, there are sure to be a number of stores nearby with incredible offers.

Remember to arrive early so as to not miss the best bargains!

New Years Eve New York 2017 Times Square

As the days begin counting down to new years eve, many people are looking forward to welcoming 2018 with large celebrations throughout the world.

One of the places that always hosts spectacular events is New York, especially the firework displays and party in Times Square.

Different venues in the vicinity of this iconic area will play host to a plethora of different events and shows.

This December 31 over one million people are expected to congregate in order to see the famous New Year`s Eve Ball drop and bid farewell to a memorable 2017.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Will there be a war with North Korea? December 2017

In recent days there has been a serious ratcheting up of the rhetoric between the United States and North Korea, this coming amid large-scale air drills between the world superpower and their ally South Korea.

The habitual bellicose tirades have been voiced by the regime in Pyongyang, claiming that the US is "Begging for nuclear war". In addition a missile launch originated from the hermit state just a few days ago after a two month lull in activity, the US affirms that the object was an ICBM, suggesting that Kim Jong-Un is edging ever closer to nuclear strike capability on the United States.

President Donald Trump for his part, used his first speech at the UN in September to vow to "Totally destroy" North Korea, should it threaten the US, striking a notably harsher tone compared to his predecessors.

Another sign of increasing unease at the current climate is the fact that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has urged the Pentagon to start evacuating US military families from South Korea.