Saturday, May 28, 2016

Clinton vs Trump Polls May 29 2016

Ever since Donald Trump burst onto the political scene with his announcement that he would be running for president, his detractors mocked and derided the flamboyant businessman. Many even thought it was a joke or publicity stunt. However, having just officially surpassed the required delegate count and being the Republican Party`s presumptive nominee, he looks to be the one who will take on Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

The latest polls show that Trump is closing the gap on Clinton with the latest RealClearPolitics average putting her on 43.8% compared to 42.8% for Trump. Should these numbers continue over the summer and into the autumn then we could be in for close run race in November.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

UK EU Referendum Polls May 19 2016

The latest polls for the EU referendum due to take place in the UK on June 23rd are beginning to show that the remain camp has the edge. Many polls conducted online in recent weeks have been showing "leave" with a slight advantage, however all polls that are conducted via telephone seem to show a big advantage for "remain".

However, in last years general election both online and telephone polling proved to be incorrect and some analysts believe that the anonimity of online polling allows respondents to give a more honest answer. Turnout will likely also be a key factor in the referendum.

Latest Polling EU Referendum

ICM (13-15 May), Sample Size 1002, Telephone

Remain      47%
Leave         39%
Undecided  14%

ICM (13-15 May), Sample Size 2048, Online

Leave         47%
Remain      43%
Undecided  10%

ORB (11-15 May), Sample Size 800, Telephone

Remain      55%
Leave         40%
Undecided   5%

TNS (10-12 May), Sample Size 1222, Online

Leave         41%
Remain      38%
Undecided  21%

Polls Republican vs Democrat May 19 2016

As Donald Trump continues to consolidate the support of the Republican Party behind him and the "Never Trump" campaign appears to be losing steam, the real estate mogul is now increasingly taking aim at likely democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Most pundits believe it is now impossible for Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders to win the nomination with Hillary Clinton continuing to accumulate delegates despite the Vermont Senator winning quite a few states. Although many of his supporters continue to believe he can somehow overcome the deficit by bringing superdelegates over to his cause, it is time to accept reality. The presidential election will be contested by Trump and Clinton.

With this in mind, it is the time to start focusing on the polls between these two and who is the most likely to become the next president of the United States.

Here are the latest 2 polls and they show a lead for Clinton of between 2-6% over the Republican candidate.

Latest Polls

Gravis (May 10) Sample Size 1574, Margin of Error 2.5%

Hillary Clinton  48%
Donald Trump  46%

PPP (May 6-9) Sample Size 1222, Margin of Error 3.2%

Hillary Clinton  47%
Donald Trump  41%

Polls Trump vs Clinton May 19 2016

As the democrats continue to fight amongst themselves with an increasingly bitter confrontation between Hillary and Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump seems to have consolidated his position as the Republican Party`s nominee.

It seems almost certain that Hillary Clinton will end up being the democratic nominee and that then poses the question, what are polls showing in regards to a Clinton-Trump match up?

The Latest Polls show the following results

Gravis (May 10) Sample Size 1574, Margin of Error 2.5%

Hillary Clinton  48%
Donald Trump  46%

PPP (May 6-9) Sample Size 1222, Margin of Error 3.2%

Hillary Clinton  47%
Donald Trump  41%

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Polls Trump vs Clinton May 15 2016

The current polls between the 2 likely nominees for the presidential campaign on the Republican and Democratic sides show a clear advantage for Clinton.

Following the departure of both Cruz and Kasich from the race, Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee. Despite this, many leading Republicans have refused to endorse Trump, including the Bush family and Mitt Romney.

The RealClearPolitics average (April 11- May 1)

Hillary Clinton   47.3%
Donald Trump   40.8%

Should these results play out in the Presidential election then it would be crushing win for the former First Lady and Secretary of State. It remains to be seen whether or not Trump can narrow the gap.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Polls Trump vs Clinton May 5 2016

It now appears that baring some extraordinary development, the presidential race will be contested between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There are many doubts as to how such an election would play out, with many anticipating a chaotic few months leading up to November in the world`s most powerful country.

What is clear is that as of today Clinton has a significant advantage over Donald Trump, the RealClearPolitics average of polls (April 11-May 1) show that Clinton leads by 47.3% to 40.8% over the real estate mogul.

It remains to be seen how much these numbers will change from now until November and Trump has his work cut out for him to overcome this deficit.

Who will be Donald Trump's Running Mate

It is now almost certain that Donald Trump will be the republican nominee, given his massive victory in Indiana and Ted Cruz dropping out of the race.

Some advocates of the "Never Trump" campaign continue to hold out hope that he will somehow implode but with Kasich now reportedly pulling out of the race, that looks like a an impossibility.

One main question that remains is who will Trump pick as his running mate, many names have been suggested, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, newt Gingrich and others.

Who do you think will be Donald Trump`s choice for Vice President?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Republican Exit Polls Indiana May 3 2016

Today the Republican Primary is taking place in the state of Indiana. 57 delegates are up for grabs in this winner-take-all state and all eyes will be on the state in order to see if Donald Trump will be stopped or if he can triumph in similar fashion as he did last Tuesday.

Should Trump win here then it will be even more likely that he will be victorious in the race for the nomination, something that is looking increasingly likely as the Primary Campaign rolls on.

As soon as the first exit polls are available they will be published here.

Indiana Exit Polls May 3 2016 Trump

We are currently awaiting the results of the Indiana Primary that takes place today May 3 and is a vital date in the republican race with Donald Trump seeking to get the 1,237 he requires in order to secure the nomination of the party.

As soon as the first results are available they will be published here.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Indiana Democratic Polls May 2 2016, Clinton, Sanders

The next stop on the Democratic Primary election trial is Indiana. There are 83 delegates that are on offer and the Primary takes place on May 3. According to the RealClearPolitics average between May 18-22, Hillary Clinton has an advantage over Bernie Sanders 47.7%-43.7%.

Following the victory of Clinton in New York there no longer appears to be any realistic route for Sanders to win the nomination.

Latest Polls Democratic Indiana

USA Today/Suffolk (April 8-24) Sample Size 363, Margin of Error 5.1%

Hillary Clinton    50%
Bernie Sanders  45%

NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl (April 10-14) Sample Size 339, Margin of Error 5.3%

Hillary Clinton    50%
Bernie Sanders  48%

Fox News (April 11-13) Sample Size 450, Margin of Error 4.5%

Hillary Clinton    48%
Bernie Sanders  46%

Indiana Republican Polls GOP May 2 2016 Trump, Cruz

Indiana will go to the polls on May 3 in what is being seen as one of the most vital contests on the Republican Primary trail. Voters in the Hoosier state will finally have the chance to voice their opinions on who they want to represent the Republican Party in the upcoming november presidential election.

Should Donald Trump win in the state then it would open up a clear path to victory for him to obtain the 1,237 delegates that he requires.

NBC/WSJ/Marist (April 26-28), Sample Size 645, Margin of Error 3.9%

Donald Trump  49%
Ted Cruz         34%
John Kasich    13%

ARG (April 27-28), Sample Size 400, Margin of Error 5.0%

Donald Trump  41%
Ted Cruz         32%
John Kasich    23%

Clout Research (R) (April 27), Sample Size 423, Margin of Error 4.8%

Donald Trump  37%
Ted Cruz         35%
John Kasich    16%