Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hispanic Vote 2016 Poll Iowa

The Hispanic youth vote will be key in the upcoming US elections. People under 35 years will account for 44 percent of the more than 27 million Hispanic voters who will go to the polls this year, according to a study released Sunday by the Pew Research Center . This data shows that young Hispanics born from 1981 onwards in the group with greater presence within their group. Compare this to the same age group for other ethnicities, with black and Asian under 35s comprising 35% and white under 35s at just 27 percent.

Given the incredible growth in this particular demographic, the Hispanic electorate is projected to reach a record 11.9 per cent of the total number of voters in 2016, approaching the number of black voters, that has 12.4 per cent. The number of voters of this section of the population that participated in the past two elections grew from 9.7 million in 2008 to 11.2 million in 2012.

Trump Republican Debate Thursday 28 January 2016

The director of the Trump campaign, Corey Lewandowski has confirmed that the business tycoon will not be attending the debate scheduled for this Thursday. It would appear that his discontent stems from differences with host Megan Kelly, with whom he has repeatedly clashed since the first Fox debate.

Trump said that the decision was irreversible and he will organize an event in Iowa in order to raise money for injured veterans, this is the state where the primaries begin next Monday.

Predictions Iowa Caucuses 1 February 2016

The republican field of precandidates for the presidency in 2016 is unusually big, at 12. Many people think that this will lead to divisions within the party, given that the the GOP establishment candidates are way down in the polls and people with little or no political experience, such as Donald Trump, are leading thus far.

The success of Bernie Sanders, who represents the democratic party, describing himself as a "Democrat Socialist" has been a great surprise, especially given that historically the term "socialist" has been avoided like the plague in election time. Although his frank message has found fertile ground within young people and liberals, his lack of experience in politics could be to his detriment.

Donald Trump has achieved a lot thus far, leading the republican polls in the United States despite having made a number of controversial comments that would have sunk other candidates. Even his adversaries admit that he has been adept at using social media to keep himself in the limelight.

Both republicans and democrats could end up with presidential candidates with enormous levels of rejection. According to a recent poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal, almost half of voters have a negative opinion of Clinton and almost 6 in 10 a negative opinion of Trump.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Latest News Elections United States 25 January 2016

The process to replace Barack Obama in the White House is underway and it starts in 7 days time with the insurgent candidates confident of upsetting the status quo and the establishment on the defensive. Next week the Iowa caucuses take place.

A mere 8 days later it will be the turn of New Hampshire to cast their votes, as far as the democrats are concerned it is a two horse race between Cliton and Sanders, with the later gaining significant ground, according to polling in the last few weeks.

On the republican side businessman Donald Trump continues to dominate the race, despite Ted Cruz gaining ground over the last month or so.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Watch Clinton vs Sanders Debate Elections 2016

The proximity of Iowa was in evidence this Sunday as the fourth televised democratic debate took place. There are a mere two weeks left until voting begings in precisely that state. The most combative and tense clashes between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took place,   largely due to Sanders's rise in the polls in recent weeks. He has been on the offensive against Clinton, who until recently enjoyed a solid lead in the Democratic race and now fears a repeat of her failed bid in 2008.

The debate, held in Charleston (South Carolina) and broadcast by NBC, conveyed the feeling that it is time for the truth. It is the last debate before the Iowa caucuses on February 1.

Clinton and Sanders took off the gloves in what was the most heated exchanges of views since the campaign began.. Former Secretary of State and Senator remained vigorous exchanges of views on a range of issues, such as health care, control of firearms or regulation of the financial system. It was the culmination of the increasing attacks in the last week crossed between the two campaigns.

Seen in the background by the third candidate, Martin O'Malley, Clinton and Sanders showed clearly the recipes with which wish to gain the nomination. It was a constructive debate that contrasted with the pessimistic tone of the debate last Thursday, Republican candidates. Both Sanders and Clinton conveyed conviction. "We are on the road to victory," said the senator.

Florida Polls Trump 2016

One of the latest polls coming in from Florida shows a substantial lead for Donald Trump of 12% over his nearest rival. With an advantage over Ted Cruz of 31-19%, this surely will be welcome news for Trump in a state that is vital in the presidential race. Looking further down the field, Jeb Bush leads Marco Rubio by 13-12%, ben Carson continues his slide with just 7% and Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina are tied at 4%.

The poll was conducted on Sunday January 17 and has a margin of error of 3.3%

Poll in Full (OpinionSavvy/InsiderAdvantage)

Donald Trump 31%

Ted Cruz 19%

Jeb Bush 13%

Marco Rubio 12%

Ben Carson 7%

Carly Fiorina 4%

Chris Christie 4%

Rand Paul 3%

John Kasich 3%

Mike Huckabee 2%

Rick Santorum 0%

Monday, January 18, 2016

Clinton vs Sanders Polls Iowa, New Hampshire January 2016

Hilary Clinton, who is the clear favorite to take the democratic nomination in 2016 has been dealt a slight blow by new polls showing Sanders narrowing the gap in the two crucial states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Although Clinton still boasts an impressive lead in most states, she will be weary of a Sanders win in either Iowa or New Hampshire, or both. It would give much needed impetus to his campaign and may galvanize his supporters to believe they can pull off an impossible victory.

A poll in Iowa conducted by NBC and The Wall Street Journal shows Clinton leading 48%-45%, whereas a Fox News poll shows Sanders with an advantage of 50%-37% in New Hampshire, although most surveys indicate a much tighter race

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Iowa Caucuses 2016 Date

The countdown has begun, one burning question is on the mind of many Americans, who will be the republican and democrat nominees for the presidency of the United States this year?

The Iowa Caucuses take place on February 1 and will signal the start of the primaries of both the republican and democrat parties. 

According to RealClearPolitics on the republican side the latest polls (as of January 12) show Trump and Cruz tied on 27% taking into account the combined average of all the latest polling data. 

Polls on the democrat side remain volatile, Quinnipiac showing Sanders with a lead of 5 points and another indicating that Clinton leads 46-40. When all polls are averaged out Clinton has an advantage of a mere 0.2%. 

Is Ted Cruz Eligible to run for President?

Comments from Donald Trump, the leading candidate for the republican nomination have cast a spotlight on his nearest rival Ted Cruz. The question is whether he is eligible to run under the constitution as he was born in Canada. 

Describing the situation as "very precarious" Trump, famous for questioning the President`s legitimacy and offering 5 million dollars to charity if Barack Obama released his passport and college applications, broached the topic in an interview with The Washington Post.

For most of his life Cruz has had 2 passports, one from the United States and one from Canada, upon being elected as a senator, he showed his birth certificate and renounced his canadian citizenship. 

According to many legal experts Cruz meets the requirement set down in the constitution of being a "Natural born citizen" of the United States. However Trump argues that a legal challenge could be mounted by the democrats which could take years to resolve, throwing the republican campaign into disarray, should he be chosen as the nominee. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Can Donald Trump win the Presidency in 2016?

Donald trump`s campaign has hitherto been a masterpiece in the art of defying the odds, pundits who last year were mocking and deriding the maverick billionaire have now been forced to concede he has a real chance of obtaining the republican nomination. He has completely dominated the political agenda, raising issues others shy away from, for fear of alienating parts of the electorate or appearing to be politically incorrect.

Other candidates within his party adopted the tactic of counterattacking, lying in wait in order to pounce open a word, statement or action that will prove his undoing. Jeb Bush who was the favorite of the GOP but is currently way down the field, has taken numerous swipes at Trump`s policy on immigration but all to no avail as of yet.

Ted Cruz has seen a large increase in support over the last month or so, as many voters may see him as a candidate with conservative views but not as polarizing as trump and thus more able to defeat the democrats. The political landscape still seems erratic and anything is possible especially as the primaries draw near, however at the current time Trump is favorite to be the republican nominee.

Clinton vs Sanders Poll 2016 Elections

New polls coming out of the key states of Iowa and New Hampshire show Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders neck and neck. A Fox News poll even showed a lead of 50%-37% for Sanders in New Hampshire, whereas in November Sanders trailed 44%-45%.

Most polls however show the race as too close to call, The Wall Street Journal and NBC show Clinton leading 48%-45% in Iowa and 50%-46% in New Hampshire.

New Fox Poll Republican Primary 8 January 2016

A new poll dated January 8 is continues to show Donald Trump dominating the field for the republican nomination with Ted Cruz holding steady in second place.

Trump leads with an impressive 35% compared to 20% for Cruz. The full results are as follows:

Donald Trump 35%

Ted Cruz 20%

Marco Rubio 13%

Ben Carson 10%

Jeb Bush 4%

Carly Fiorina 3%

Chris Christie 2%

John Kasich 2%

Rand Paul 2%

As the Iowa Caucus draws near without doubt the rhetoric and personal attacks among candidates will be ratcheted up to fever pitch. As recently as a few weeks ago many polls were showing a clear lead for Cruz in key state, however according to recent surveys his advantage seems to be dwindling and the gap between him and Trump narrowing significantly. RealClearPolitics average has the lead at a mere 2.5%. In New Hampshire the situation is quite different with trump having a healthy lead.