Wednesday, May 18, 2016

UK EU Referendum Polls May 19 2016

The latest polls for the EU referendum due to take place in the UK on June 23rd are beginning to show that the remain camp has the edge. Many polls conducted online in recent weeks have been showing "leave" with a slight advantage, however all polls that are conducted via telephone seem to show a big advantage for "remain".

However, in last years general election both online and telephone polling proved to be incorrect and some analysts believe that the anonimity of online polling allows respondents to give a more honest answer. Turnout will likely also be a key factor in the referendum.

Latest Polling EU Referendum

ICM (13-15 May), Sample Size 1002, Telephone

Remain      47%
Leave         39%
Undecided  14%

ICM (13-15 May), Sample Size 2048, Online

Leave         47%
Remain      43%
Undecided  10%

ORB (11-15 May), Sample Size 800, Telephone

Remain      55%
Leave         40%
Undecided   5%

TNS (10-12 May), Sample Size 1222, Online

Leave         41%
Remain      38%
Undecided  21%

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