Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Polls Republican vs Democrat May 19 2016

As Donald Trump continues to consolidate the support of the Republican Party behind him and the "Never Trump" campaign appears to be losing steam, the real estate mogul is now increasingly taking aim at likely democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Most pundits believe it is now impossible for Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders to win the nomination with Hillary Clinton continuing to accumulate delegates despite the Vermont Senator winning quite a few states. Although many of his supporters continue to believe he can somehow overcome the deficit by bringing superdelegates over to his cause, it is time to accept reality. The presidential election will be contested by Trump and Clinton.

With this in mind, it is the time to start focusing on the polls between these two and who is the most likely to become the next president of the United States.

Here are the latest 2 polls and they show a lead for Clinton of between 2-6% over the Republican candidate.

Latest Polls

Gravis (May 10) Sample Size 1574, Margin of Error 2.5%

Hillary Clinton  48%
Donald Trump  46%

PPP (May 6-9) Sample Size 1222, Margin of Error 3.2%

Hillary Clinton  47%
Donald Trump  41%

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