Sunday, May 1, 2016

Indiana Republican Polls GOP May 2 2016 Trump, Cruz

Indiana will go to the polls on May 3 in what is being seen as one of the most vital contests on the Republican Primary trail. Voters in the Hoosier state will finally have the chance to voice their opinions on who they want to represent the Republican Party in the upcoming november presidential election.

Should Donald Trump win in the state then it would open up a clear path to victory for him to obtain the 1,237 delegates that he requires.

NBC/WSJ/Marist (April 26-28), Sample Size 645, Margin of Error 3.9%

Donald Trump  49%
Ted Cruz         34%
John Kasich    13%

ARG (April 27-28), Sample Size 400, Margin of Error 5.0%

Donald Trump  41%
Ted Cruz         32%
John Kasich    23%

Clout Research (R) (April 27), Sample Size 423, Margin of Error 4.8%

Donald Trump  37%
Ted Cruz         35%
John Kasich    16%

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