Monday, June 6, 2016

Latest Polls Donald Trump Hillary Clinton June 7 2016

The latest polling data shows that the race between the two likely contenders in the 2016 presidential election race has become somewhat tighter compared to just a few weeks ago.

Controversial businessman Donald Trump, whose candidacy was branded a "joke" and "publicity stunt" by many commentators is now being taken seriously by his opponents after he crushed his adversaries in the Republican Primaries, installing himself as the party`s presumptive nominee.

On the democrat side, Clinton has pretty much tied up the nomination, largely due to her greater popularity with the superdelegates compared to her rival Bernie Sanders. Barring some last moment massive switch of allegiance of the superdelegates, then we are looking at a Trump-Clinton showdown.

According to the latest average of polls on the site RealClearPolitics Hillary Clinton leads Trump by 1.5 points, 43.8%-42.3%. Compare this to April where the former First Lady and Secretary of State was enjoying a ten point lead.

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