Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Is Ted Cruz Eligible to run for President?

Comments from Donald Trump, the leading candidate for the republican nomination have cast a spotlight on his nearest rival Ted Cruz. The question is whether he is eligible to run under the constitution as he was born in Canada. 

Describing the situation as "very precarious" Trump, famous for questioning the President`s legitimacy and offering 5 million dollars to charity if Barack Obama released his passport and college applications, broached the topic in an interview with The Washington Post.

For most of his life Cruz has had 2 passports, one from the United States and one from Canada, upon being elected as a senator, he showed his birth certificate and renounced his canadian citizenship. 

According to many legal experts Cruz meets the requirement set down in the constitution of being a "Natural born citizen" of the United States. However Trump argues that a legal challenge could be mounted by the democrats which could take years to resolve, throwing the republican campaign into disarray, should he be chosen as the nominee. 

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