Sunday, April 3, 2016

Republican Polls GOP 4 Abril 2016 Wisconsin

With only one day remaining until the electorate in Wisconsin goes to the polls to vote in the Republican Primary, it is decision time.

For months real estate mogul Donald Trump had been leading in the state, however, new polls suggest that he has now been eclipsed by Ted Cruz since other competitors have withdrawn from the race.

If we examine the RealClearPolitics average from March 24 through April 1 we can see clearly that Cruz has the advantage

RealClearPolitics Average (March 24-April 1)

Ted Cruz         40.2%
Donald Trump  33.4%
John Kasich    18.6%

Should Ted Cruz win in the northern state then he will obtain 42 delegates for his efforts.


  1. Wisconson is a wasted State, full of low level voters like Idaho, Utah, and Texas!

    1. Thank you Thomas for your insightful comments about our state. Without intellectual giants like you, I'm not sure how we would make it in this country.

    2. He doesn't mean to be so crass, he's just been watching too much reality tv and got the mistaken impression that those tv actors experiences he viewed were his own. In his mind, he was the only one not fired by the Donald.

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  3. Not to mention Ohioans... (seriously, tell me that the Ohio primary was not rigged, given the statements Kasich has made about illegal immigrants...)

  4. After exposing Cruz' sex scandal, being on DC Madam's black book, pushing leg. For 500% increase in foreign workers and 200% increase in muslim immigrants, how the heck can anyone vote for that man??????

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  6. Ted Cruz at KILL THE GAYS rally

    Busted! Ted Cruz Number found in DC Madam’s ‘Black Book’
    Cruz claims to be faithful to wife as scandal set to explode

    CRUZ △ SOROS 2016!🇨🇳