Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Watch Clinton vs Sanders Debate Elections 2016

The proximity of Iowa was in evidence this Sunday as the fourth televised democratic debate took place. There are a mere two weeks left until voting begings in precisely that state. The most combative and tense clashes between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took place,   largely due to Sanders's rise in the polls in recent weeks. He has been on the offensive against Clinton, who until recently enjoyed a solid lead in the Democratic race and now fears a repeat of her failed bid in 2008.

The debate, held in Charleston (South Carolina) and broadcast by NBC, conveyed the feeling that it is time for the truth. It is the last debate before the Iowa caucuses on February 1.

Clinton and Sanders took off the gloves in what was the most heated exchanges of views since the campaign began.. Former Secretary of State and Senator remained vigorous exchanges of views on a range of issues, such as health care, control of firearms or regulation of the financial system. It was the culmination of the increasing attacks in the last week crossed between the two campaigns.

Seen in the background by the third candidate, Martin O'Malley, Clinton and Sanders showed clearly the recipes with which wish to gain the nomination. It was a constructive debate that contrasted with the pessimistic tone of the debate last Thursday, Republican candidates. Both Sanders and Clinton conveyed conviction. "We are on the road to victory," said the senator.

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