Thursday, January 28, 2016

Predictions Iowa Caucuses 1 February 2016

The republican field of precandidates for the presidency in 2016 is unusually big, at 12. Many people think that this will lead to divisions within the party, given that the the GOP establishment candidates are way down in the polls and people with little or no political experience, such as Donald Trump, are leading thus far.

The success of Bernie Sanders, who represents the democratic party, describing himself as a "Democrat Socialist" has been a great surprise, especially given that historically the term "socialist" has been avoided like the plague in election time. Although his frank message has found fertile ground within young people and liberals, his lack of experience in politics could be to his detriment.

Donald Trump has achieved a lot thus far, leading the republican polls in the United States despite having made a number of controversial comments that would have sunk other candidates. Even his adversaries admit that he has been adept at using social media to keep himself in the limelight.

Both republicans and democrats could end up with presidential candidates with enormous levels of rejection. According to a recent poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal, almost half of voters have a negative opinion of Clinton and almost 6 in 10 a negative opinion of Trump.

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