Monday, January 11, 2016

Can Donald Trump win the Presidency in 2016?

Donald trump`s campaign has hitherto been a masterpiece in the art of defying the odds, pundits who last year were mocking and deriding the maverick billionaire have now been forced to concede he has a real chance of obtaining the republican nomination. He has completely dominated the political agenda, raising issues others shy away from, for fear of alienating parts of the electorate or appearing to be politically incorrect.

Other candidates within his party adopted the tactic of counterattacking, lying in wait in order to pounce open a word, statement or action that will prove his undoing. Jeb Bush who was the favorite of the GOP but is currently way down the field, has taken numerous swipes at Trump`s policy on immigration but all to no avail as of yet.

Ted Cruz has seen a large increase in support over the last month or so, as many voters may see him as a candidate with conservative views but not as polarizing as trump and thus more able to defeat the democrats. The political landscape still seems erratic and anything is possible especially as the primaries draw near, however at the current time Trump is favorite to be the republican nominee.

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