Friday, April 1, 2016

Donald Trump Polls April 2 2016, Wisconsin, New York

Donald Trump, the real estate mogul that has sparked controversy in this year`s republican race, continues to do well according to polls, although there are some indications that he is behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the state of Wisconsin.

Latest Polls Wisconsin

Fox Business Poll (March 28-30) Margin of Error 3.5% Sample Size 742

Ted Cruz          42%
Donald Trump   32%
John Kasich     19%

PPP (March 28-29) Margin of Error 3.5% Sample Size 768

Ted Cruz          38%
Donald Trump   37%
John Kasich     17%

In New York however it`s a totally different story with Trump dominating

Latest Polls New York

Liberty Research Poll (24-26 March) Margin of Error 3.0% Sample Size 1796

Donald Trump   55%
John Kasich     22%
Ted Cruz          19%

Quinnipiac Poll (22-29 March) Margin of Error 4.6% Sample Size 457

Donald Trump   56%
Ted Cruz          20%
John Kasich     19%

In New York 95 delegates are available and it is a winner-take-most state.


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    1. Teddy-boy: I see you are following the Nazi propaganda trick of repeating a lie...

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    2. How long have you been a comedian? Because you are a joke if you believe that dribble.

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