Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Republican Polls GOP March 23 2016 Trump, Cruz, Kasich

Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls despite not having the backing of many influential figures in the Republican Party.

He is leading in many states but there is still doubt as to whether he will reach the all important delegate count of 1,237 in order to secure the nomination.

Here are the latest polls in some key states.

Wisconsin (Marquette Poll 2/18-2/21)

Donald Trump  30%
Ted Cruz         19%
John Kasich      8%

The following are the RealClearPolitics Averages of the latest polls conducted

New York

Donald Trump  54.5%
Ted Cruz         11.5%
John Kasich      9.5%


Donald Trump   31.5%
Ted Cruz          21%
John Kasich     17.5%

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