Monday, March 28, 2016

New York Latest Republican GOP Polls March 29 2016

On April 19 the state of New York will go to the polls in a Republican Primary that may well set the trend for the remaining states.

As we enter the home straight, every state is of utmost importance, even more so in New York where a large amount of delegates (95) are on offer.

Polls show former reality TV star and real estate mogul Donald Trump with a substantial lead over his competitors.

The latest poll in New York shows the Following

Emerson Poll (14-16 March)

Donald Trump  64%
Ted Cruz      12%
John Kasich    1%

As of Today (March 28) the delegate count is as follows

Donald Trump   739
Ted Cruz       465
John Kasich    143

In order to obtain the Republican nomination it is necessary to reach 1,237 delegates, it would appear that Donald Trump is the only one who has a chance of doing so, although it`s equally possible that he may fall just short of the magic mark.

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