Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New York Republican GOP Polls April 13 2016

After 3 months of what can only be described as a hectic Republican Primary process, we now head to New York.

On April 19 New Yorkers will cast their vote, choosing between the three remaining candidates, Donald Trump, Ted Cuz and John Kasich, being Trump`s home state he is expected to do very well and this is being born out by the latest polls which have him well ahead of his two adversaries.

The recent controversy in Colorado over how delegates are awarded has left many republican voters there infuriated and has only served to add extra spice to the campaign. The state, which has a complicated process for allocating delegates, awarded all 34 to Cruz. Trump couldn`t contain his frustration with the system and lashed out stating "This was a political hack deal, like so much of our country. This is what our country's all about I guess". Every victory for Cruz seems to edge us closer to a contested convention, which would be interesting to say the least.

In New York, however, even with a full week to go until the election, it seems almost impossible to imagine how anyone other than Trump has a chance of winning. The current RealClearPolitics average (March 29-April 10) has the real estate mogul on 53.6%, Followed by Kasich on 21% and 18.6% for Cruz.

Should these numbers hold then Trump has a very good chance of winning the majority of the 95 delegates that New York has on offer.


  1. Did anyone ever expect Trump wouldn't win NY? Everyone else will consider it a victory if they get any electoral love at all out of NY.

  2. TRUMP or we Will not GOP. EVER AGAIN.