Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ali Sonboly, Munich Shooter, Not Connected to ISIS - Bavaria Police

According to comments by the Bavarian police Chief, Ali Sonboly, the 18 year old German Iranian citizen who opened fire at a Mcdonalds in the City of Munich had no connection to Islamic State and was in fact motivated by Norwegian mass killer, Anders Brevik.

At the apartment of the killer there were no indications that he was in contact with any known terrorist groups and seems to have acted alone.

The shooter also apparently hacked another persons Facebook account and made a posting offering free food in order to lure people to their deaths. "I can buy you something that´s not too expensive" he wrote.

According to police he also had books on mass school shooters and had was fascinated by them. He seemed to target children and young people specifically, with the ages of most of the victims less than 20.

Ali Sonboly reportedly committed suicide close to where the massacre took place, opting to end his life after his horrific crime.

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