Thursday, July 14, 2016

Donald Trump Polls Swing States July 2016

Shock new polls are showing Donald Trump making big gains in the key swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

According to Quinnipiac the numbers are the following


Trump    42%
Clinton   39%


Trump    43%
Clinton   41%


Trump    42%
Clinton   42%

This is a massive change from June when the Quinnipiac showed Clinton with a healthy 8% lead in Florida and will no doubt have alarm bells ringing from within the democratic party. It may be merely a blip in the Clinton campaign following the email scandal, or indicative of a broader trend, one thing is sure, with the presidential election just months away, noboby can afford to be complacent.

It must be noted however, that Trump`s leads in Florida and Pennsylvania fall within the margin of error +/- 3%.

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