Monday, February 22, 2016

Nevada Caucuses Results Feb 23 2016

The moment of truth has arrived for the voters in the great state of Nevada. It's their turn to cast their ballot and choose which candidate they would like to represent them as the republican nominee for the presidency in 2016.

The long campaign process has already been plagued with controversies and surprises. Jeb Bush, considered as the favored candidate for the GOP establishment has already fallen by the wayside. It would now appear to be the responsibility of Rubio to carry that particular mantle.

We are now effectively in a three way race between Trump, Cruz and Rubio for that nomination. Without doubt Donald Trump has the upper hand having swept the last two states, New Hampshire and South Carolina. The polls conducted beforehand were proved to be correct, although he obtained a slightly higher percentage than his polling would have suggested in NH and slightly lower in South Carolina.

The fact remains that according to the latest polls in Nevada, Trump is way out in front and unlikely to be caught. The latest surveys have him anywhere between 16-26% ahead.

Nevada is the last stop on the campaign trail prior to Super Tuesday, when 25% of delegates will be awarded.

Follow the results from the Nevada Caucuses here live

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