Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Primary Polls Sanders Clinton South Carolina February 2016

The latest polls in the state of South Carolina show Bernie Sanders in the ascendancy but Hillary Clinton still maintains a substantial lead.

A CNN poll conducted between February 10-15 shows Clinton leading by 56-38, a full 18% advantage. Baring some dramatic development it would be hard to see Sanders overturning such a deficit, however the Senator from Vermont has thrived with the tag of underdog.

Just a few months ago nobody gave him a chance against the former Secretary of State and First Lady but after forcing Clinton into a virtual tie in Iowa he took New Hampshire, Clinton also obtained a slim but vital victory in Nevada.

South Carolina will be seen as a vital test of public opinion just prior to March 1, when 12 states go to the polls.


  1. GO SANDERS! We don't want Clinton Dynasty, we want change!

    1. You have a mouse in your pocket, Gomer?