Monday, February 22, 2016

Polls Virginia Republican Primaries February 2016

A poll conducted by Christopher Newport University shows Donald Trump with a lead of 6% in the state of Virginia. Trump is at 28% of support compared to Rubio with 22% who in turn is closely followed by Cruz with 19%.

Kasich and Carson are tied at 7% and Bush at 4% (The poll was conducted before Bush suspended his campaign) and most commentators think that Bush supporters are more likely to gravitate towards Rubio which could give him a few more vital percentage points and make for a very interesting battle between him and Trump in the state.

The poll was carried out between 2/3-2/14 with a relatively small sample size of 368 meaning the margin of error is 5.6 points.

Here are the full results

Trump 28%
Rubio  22%
Cruz   19%
Kasich 7%
Carson 7%
Bush    4% (Campaign suspended)

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