Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Poll Texas GOP Republican February 2016

Super Tuesday is just around the corner and all eyes are on the polls of the potential republican candidates in order to see who will do best in the states that simultaneously vote on this day.

With regard to Texas the latest polls shows Texas Senator Ted Cruz with a commanding lead over Trump in the state. The RealClearPolitics average of polls indicates the Cruz has the support of 37.3% of voters whereas Trump only 28%.

With so many delegates at play in this state, Cruz will undoubtedly be looking to Texas in order to give a much needed boost to his campaign and claim a victory over businessman Donald Trump. Ever since Cruz`s triumph in Iowa he has not really got close to Trump and has had to concede victory in NH and South Carolina.

What do you think? Will Cruz take Texas or will Trump rally at the last moment with added momentum given his victory in South Carolina?

Here are the full Results of the RealClearPolitics Average of Polls

Ted Cruz           37.3%

Donald Trump   28%

Marco Rubio     11.7%

Ben Carson        4.7%

John Kasich        3%

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