Friday, February 12, 2016

South Carolina Republican Primary Polls February 2016

Finally we have the results of a new South Carolina poll for the republican primaries and it shows that not an awful lot has changed since january. 

While many commentators were eager to see what effect the Iowa and New Hampshire results would have upon the preferences in the vital state which will vote on February 20, it seems as though up until now the previous results have had little impact.

Trump maintains a significant lead over closest rival Ted Cruz, leading by 17% at 36 - 19. Rubio maintains himself in third place up 1 point at 15%. Jeb Bush climbed closer to Rubio moving from 9-11% while Kasich leaped from 1-9% after his second place finish in New Hampshire.

The tightening of the field will be music to the ears of Real Estate mogul Donald Trump who is the main benefactor of the split in opinion.

Results South Carolina Poll (Augusta Chronicle, 10-11 February)

Donald Trump 36%
Ted Cruz 19%
Marco Rubio 15%
Jeb Bush 11%
John Kasich 9%
Carson 5%
Undecided 5%

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