Thursday, February 25, 2016

Poll Georgia GOP Super Tuesday March 1 2016

With just a few days left until "Super Tuesday" the race to become the republican nominee is heating up. With accusations and insults flying from one side to the other. Essentially it has become a three man race. Trump, Rubio and Cruz will battle it out in the remaining states.

According to the latest polls of the states that vote on March 1, Cruz has the lead in Arkansas and Texas, although in the latter his advantage has been dwindling in recent days as Trump enjoys a boost after his massive win in Nevada. Trump leads in all the remaining states, some by wide margins and others are closer. If Rubio doesn`t win a state on Super Tuesday it could be the end of the road for him.

Georgia is one of the states that votes on March 1 and the current polls make good reading for Trump fans.

FOX 5 Atlanta 2/22-2/23

Trump  34
Rubio   22
Cruz     20
Kasich  9
Carson  8

WSB-TV / Landmark 2/21-2/21

Trump 32
Rubio  23
Cruz   19
Carson 8
Kasich 8

CBS News/ YouGov  1/18- 1/21

Trump 39
Cruz   29
Rubio 13
Carson 6
Kasich 2

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