Thursday, February 18, 2016

Poll South Carolina February 18 2016 Trump

A new poll conducted by NBC/WSJ shows Ted Cruz beating Trump nationally by 2%, the businessman had previously won 31 consecutive national polls, many by a very wide margin. This time however, the Texas Senator obtained 28% of the vote and Donald Trump only 26%.

At almost the same time a poll came out from Quinnipiac University showing Trump at 39% followed by Rubio with 19% and Cruz with 18%. It would appear that the NBC/WSJ poll is an aberration rather than a new trend, in any case we will need another independent poll in order to ascertain the veracity of this information.

The disparity between those two polls is quite stunning, Trump down 2% according to NBC and up 20 points according to Quinnipiac, the argument appears to be that the NBC poll was conducted exclusively after the CBS debate in South Carolina whereas other polls comprise of some overlap of before and after the debate (since which his support has supposedly collapsed).

It is very hard to believe that Trump`s support has evaporated overnight, especially when his supporters tend to be the most loyal and have stuck with him even during the incessant media barrage of media attacks.

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