Thursday, October 27, 2016

Donald Trump Predictions November 2016

With just a few days until voters in the country with the biggest economy in the world go to the polls, there are many questions swirling around, with few answers.

Donald Trump burst onto the political scene just over a year ago and immediately generated both very positive and negative emotions within the population.

He has received every acusation possible, from being called a racist, sexist, xenophobic and having his hollywood star smashed up with a man wielding a sledgehammer.

However many of his supporters have insisted that he is a visionary and is the only person who can save the United States.

Trump has been extremely critical of the press, to say the least. This appears to have brought about the fury of many journalists, who appear to be mostly backing Hillary Clinton.

According to the latest polls, Clinton is leading by between 3-10 points on a national level.

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