Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tape Recording Donald Trump and Billy Bush Uncensored

A new scandal has rocked the Trump campaign to its very core, a leaked audio of Trump explaining how he tried to have sex with a married woman has emerged, sending the internet into meltdown.

In a conversation with Billy Bush from Access Hollywood he said the following being caught on a hot mic.

"I'm automatically attracted to beautiful women," said Trump, "I just start kissing them, it's like a magnet, I don't even wait," Trump says, noting that "when you're a star, they let you do it." The former host of "The Apprentice", stating, "Grab 'em by the p****."

The Republican Candidate Later apologized saying “I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.” but claimed it was “a distraction from the issues we are facing today.” before going on the attack, claimed that what he said were much different from the words and actions of Bill Clinton who he acused of abusing women and that Hillary Clinton had “bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims.”.

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