Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poll Trump vs Clinton October 28 2016

Republican Donald Trump injected a massive amount of controversy on the day he launched his campaign with his comments about illegal immigrants, refering to them as "rapists and criminals" before adding "some, I guess, are good people.

Since then Trump has struggled to attract ethnic minority voters and his support among this demographic has remained low, despite some polls showing he may have edged up with black voters after reaching out to them by visiting various black churches.

Hillary Clinton has also had to deal with an every growing amount of controversies caused by the wikileaks filtrations, exposing her dealings with banks such as Goldman Sachs.

At the moment Clinton is maintaining her big lead on a national level according to the latest RealclearPolitics Average

RealClearPolitics (Average October 15-25)

Hillary Clinton  48.5%
Donald Trump  42.8%

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