Monday, October 3, 2016

Poll in Florida Trump vs Clinton October 2016

As far as swing states go, Florida is the most important, it is definitely a must win state for the Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump.

The race has fluctuated wildly according to which poll you choose to believe, some have shown Trump with a lead of up to 4 points and others showing Clinton well ahead, if we take into consideration the average polling numbers, based on the last 6 polls undertaken in the sunshine state between September 7-29 then it is Clinton with the lead, albeit a slender one of a mere 1.2%.

RealClearPolitics Average Florida (Polls conducted between September 7-29)

Hillary Clinton   45.0%
Donald Trump   43.8%

In 2012 it was President Barack Obama who won the state which switches every now and again between Republican and Democrat.

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