Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Poll Trump vs Clinton 5 October 2016

New polling is showing that the recent presidential debate may have benefitted Hillary Clinton, with CBS News, CNN and Economist/YouGov polls all showing her with a healthy lead over Donald Trump.

CBS News (9/28-10/2) 1217 LV, Margin of Error 4.0%

Hillary Clinton  49%
Donald Trump  43%

CNN/ORC (9/28-10/2) 1213 LV, Margin of Error 3.0%

Hillary Clinton  51%
Donald Trump  45%

Economist/YouGov (10/1-10/3) 911 RV, Margin of Error 3.9%

Hillary Clinton   48%
Donald Trump   43%

The site RealClearPolitics takes these latest polls into account in addition to 7 previous ones, giving an average as follows.

RealClearPolitics Average (9/22-10/3)

Hillary Clinton   48.1%
Donald Trump   44.3%

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