Friday, October 28, 2016

Elections USA 2016 Who is winning?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are competing to enter the White House this November 8 2016. In what has been one of the most controversial presidential campaigns in the modern era. We have the experienced politician with a long career, Hillary Clinton, ex First Lady and Secretary of State against Donald Trump, an amateur in the political world running against the establishment.

Polls have constantly shown a marked advantage for Hillary Clinton throughout the election campaign, with Trump occasionally cutting the deficit.

Each of the two campaigns have been shaken by controversies, with a filtered audio of Donald Trump speaking in vulgar terms about women, something which seemed to hit him in the polls. However in recent weeks Wikileaks has been leaking emails from the Clinton campaign.

As of today (October 28) RealClearPolitics is showing an advantage for Hillary Clinton

RealClearPolitics Average

Hillary Clinton   47.3%
Donald Trump   42.1%

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