Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trump vs Clinton Polls August 25 2016

After a tough few weeks for the Donald Trump campaign which has shown him down by 6 points on his rival Hillary Clinton, the republican candidate appears to have switched tactics, trying to attract more black voters to support him.

The latest RealClearPolitics average shows the following data

RealClearPolitics Average (August 1-22)

Hillary Clinton  47.0%
Donald Trump  41.5%

Many republicans have been highlighting the fact that in many democrat run cities with high african american communities murder rates and gun crime have been on the rise since last year, especially in Chicago and Baltimore and Trump is trying to appeal to disgruntled black voters in these areas, portraying himself as the "law and order" candidate.

Although black voters tend to vote democrat in overwhelming numbers, Trump appears to be betting that he can convince enough of them to vote Republican in order to boost his vote share in key swing states to triumph in this year`s election.

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