Monday, August 29, 2016

Immigration Germany Statistics 2016

The population of Germany in 2015 grew by a total of 978,000 due to an influx of 1.1 million migrants, reaching 82.2 million people. The European economic powerhouse has been suffering from declining fertility rates and an aging population over the last few decades. During 2015 188,000 more people died than were born in the country, so the increase is down entirely due to migratory factors.

In 1960 Germany had a fertility rate of 2.29 children per woman (a culture needs a minimum fertility rate of 2.11 to sustain the population). However in 2015 this rate had dropped to a mere 1.3. The German population was predicted to decline to 74.5 million in 2050, possibly being eclipsed by the UK as the most populous country in Europe.

The solution undertaken appears to be to import mass numbers of young migrants in order to stem this demographic decline, however this has caused vast friction within the country with many fearful of violence from the newcomers (such as in Cologne on new years eve) and also possible infiltration of ISIS fighters into the country.

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