Thursday, August 4, 2016

Republican vs Democrat Polls August 2016

A new poll conducted by FOX News shows that following the DNC would appear to indicate that Hillary Clinton has experienced a large bounce showing her up 10 points.

Trump`s campaign chairman Paul Manafort being interviewing on "CBS This Morning" downplayed the significance of the poll, saying that the drop "was expected". "It depends on which poll you look at. We feel like in another week or so, the polls are going to even out,", "We always thought we had a bounce and knew the Democrats would have a bounce. And now you see a situation in what looks like an uneven field but in two weeks we think that’s gonna even out if we are out there on our message, which we will be" he continued.

It should be noted that in the brief interlude between the RNC and DNC polls indicated that Trump had experienced a "Convention bounce", leading Clinton in most polls.

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