Saturday, August 27, 2016

Latest Polls Trump vs Clinton August 27 2016

Polling data collected over the last few weeks continues to show Hillary Clinton with a substantial lead over Republican candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump.

The only reliable poll during the month of august that will bring any cheer to the Trump camp is one conducted by LA Times/USC which shows him tied with Clinton, all others show Clinton with a lead of between 3-10 points.

RealClearPolitics (average based on all reliable polls conducted between 1-24 August)

Hillary Clinton  47.7%
Donald Trump  41.7%

Clinton leading by 6 points.

It must be noted that many questions have been raised by certain sections of Trump supporters as to the reliability of the polling methods employed as of late, claiming them to be heavily weighted in favor of democrat voters.

Trump no doubt received a significant bounce following the RNC in July which actually showed him leading nationally in many polls, however since the DNC took place he seems to have fallen away and been unable to close the gap once more.

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