Monday, August 1, 2016

Trump vs Clinton Polls August 2 2016

As we can see the latest average of polls conducted by RealClearPolitics shows Hillary Clinton has retaken the lead over Republican candidate Donald Trump.

RCP Average (July 22-31)

Hillary Clinton  44.9%
Donald Trump  42.7%

So Clinton now has a lead of 2.2% largely due to two new polls conducted by CBS News and PPP which produced the following results.

CBS News Poll July 29-31, Margin of Error 3.0%, 1131 RV

Hillary Clinton  47%
Donald Trump  41%

PPP Poll, July 29-30, Margin of Error 2.7%, 1276 LV

Hillary Clinton  50%
Donald Trump  45%

Despite the fact that Trump has fallen behind once again he is still much closer to the democrat contender than he had been for much of July when Clinton`s lead fluctuated between 3-5% before Trump was the apparent beneficiary of a "convention bounce" at the end of the month when he moved into a 1% lead.

Most commentators and members of the public have been forced to admit, love him or loathe him, Donald Trump`s political resilience has been breathtaking. After overcoming a plethora of scandals during the Republican Primaries and facing a "Never Trump" movement from within the party, he has continued to dumbfound political gravity by running Clinton close in many polls. Polling from within the last month even showed him with slight leads in Pennsylvania and Florida and level in Ohio.

Although polling is our only real indicator of who is winning in the race for the White House, they have proven to be extremely volatile thus far. For example Clinton was shown to be leading in by 8 points in Florida and within just a few weeks Trump was shown to be in the lead by 1 point in the vital state.

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