Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump vs Clinton Polls 11 August 2016

According to the latest polls, Hillary Clinton has a stranglehold over the presidential election, at least for now.

The last 11 polls all show Clinton leading Donald Trump by varying degrees, between 1 to 15 points.

RealClearPolitics Average, July 29- 6 August

Hillary Clinton   47.5%
Donald Trump   40.5%

Many commentators say this has been one of the worst weeks for the Trump campaign, following the RNC Trump had a bounce which showed him leading in many polls, however since then his numbers appear to be in freefall.

Clinton has an especially big lead among women, some 23 points according to some polls.

Many Trump supporters have acused the polls of being biased against their candidate due to a skewed methodology, such as having a much higher quantity of democrats over republicans.

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