Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump vs Clinton Polls August 16 2016

There are now less than 3 months left until the presidential election will decide who is elected to the most powerful office on the planet and polls continue to show democratic candidate Hillary Clinton with a substantial lead over Donald Trump.

Following a significant bounce after the RNC, Trump`s numbers have gone lower and lower. An LA Times/USC poll has Trump only 1 point adrift, however all other recent polls have Clinton ahead by more than that. The biggest advantage for Clinton was in a NBC/SM poll which showed her eclipsing the Republican candidate by 10 points. The running RealClearPolitics percentage (Taken as an average of the last 6 reliable polls has Clinton leading by 6.6 points.

RCP Average (August 1-11)

Hillary Clinton  47.5%
Donald Trump  41.2%

Trump is really struggling among female voters, where he trails by 23 points, according to some reports. If this holds true up until election day then it will be hard to see how Trump can win the election. It will be interesting to see how many people are willing to chance their choice of candidate based on the presidential debates.

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