Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Police Woman Stabbed in Toulouse, France 30/8/2016

A stabbing has taken place against a police officer in the French city of Toulouse at a police station. .

The suspect who has since been arrested , is a 31 year old man of Algerian origin who the authorities say first attempted to steal the officers weapon but upon being unsuccessful proceeded to stab her in the neck multiple times.

It is believed that the man entered the building in order to make a complaint before launching the attack. Authorities say that the man`s motives remain unclear at the current time.

France has been under a state of emergency since the November 13 attacks in Paris which led to 130 people being killed in a series of coordinated shootings and suicide bombings in different parts of the city. This year an attack in Nice by a jihadi terrorist killed 84 people, leaving many wounded which led to the government extending the state of emergency giving them extraordinary powers to combat the threat that France currently faces.

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