Monday, September 12, 2016

What would Happen if Donald Trump Became President ?

 Nobody has a crystal ball to know exactly what would happen should Donald Trump be victorious in the presidential election this November 8, however, the following are some of his policies, should be become president.

Build a wall on the southern border with Mexico

Trump has affirmed that if be becomes President of the United States he will build "A great wall" on the border with Mexico in order to stop the illegal movement of people and drugs.

Deport illegal immigrants

Trump`s policy has been to deport everybody who is illegally in the country, however, in a recent speech in Arizona he did seem to soften his stance somewhat, emphasizing that his priority would be to deport criminals illegal immigrants, who would be gone "in the first hour" of his presidency.

Bring back jobs from other countries

Trump plans to put pressure on other countries to renegotiate trade deals that he claims have hurt the United States. He wants to bring back manufacturing jobs from China and Mexico in order to strengthen the economy.

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