Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Percentage of Black Vote for Donald Trump

It is no secret that following the RNC Republican Candidate Donald Trump has been suffering in the polls, with the majority showing him various points adrift of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Republican candidate thus appears to be changing tactics and going after minority votes, especially in the African American demographic. It is without doubt a very difficult task according to Gallop Mitt Romney only gained 5% of the black vote compared to Barack Obama in 2012, in 2008 John Mccain only polled at 1% compared to 99% for Obama, whereas in 2004 George Bush did slightly better, gaining 7% in this Demographic.

According to some polls and news outlets Trump is polling between just 1-2% of the black voter, whereas others put him at as much as 8%. It is unclear if his recent outreach to the black community has shifted these numbers in any big way.

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