Thursday, September 22, 2016

Poll Trump vs Clinton September 22 2016

Polls have showed for the last few months, a decisive lead for democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump only led consistently in the polls following the RNC.

However it is the point in the race when the polls start to tighten and this year it has indeed been the case again, Clinton`s lead has shortened to only 1.1%.

RealClearPolitics Average (September 8-20)

Hillary Clinton  45.0%
Donald Trump  43.9%

Donald Trump has begun to make significant gains in key swing states like Florida and Ohio, places he will almost certainly have to win if he wants to have a chance at winning on November 8.

Ohio RealClearPolitics Average

Donald Trump   45%
Hillary Clinton   43.8%

Florida RealClearPolitics Average

Hillary Clinton   45%
Donald Trump   45%

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