Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Poll Trump vs Clinton September 8 2016

A new poll out, conducted by LA times/USC shows Trump and Clinton tied on 44 points.

Poll LA Times/USC, 2605 likely voters, Margin of Error 4.5%.

Hillary Clinton   44%
Donald Trump   44%

Most recent polls have seen Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump, in fact the RealClearPolitics Average shows Clinton leading by 3.3%, although just a few weeks ago he was down by about 6 points in this average, so he appears to be moving in the right direction.

RealClearPolitics Average (Last 9 polls conducted between August 25- September 5)

Hillary Clinton  46.2%
Donald Trump  42.9%

Usually this is the time when the race begins to get closer, so we could expect to see these numbers tightening in the next month or so, depending on what occurs within the campaign.

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