Friday, September 23, 2016

Where Can I watch the Presidential Debate Online September 26 2016

The presidential debate is being anticipated with bated breath in the United States and indeed, all over the world. The total number of Americans expected to tune in, via television and online could top 100 million, making it the most viewed in history.

Despite the fact that both candidates have high unfavorable ratings with Hillary Clinton, representing the establishment, at a time when many people are disenfranchised with the political system. Donald Trump definitely does not represented the establishment, however, due to his controversial statements about illegal and muslim immigration, many people have branded him a "racist" and "dangerous".

The contrast in styles is evident, Donald Trump is unpredictable and a maverick, Hillary Clinton on the other hand is more controlled and takes less risks.

The debate will be broadcast on most major news networks as well as online, it beings at 9pm ET on Monday September 26. Don`t miss it!

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