Monday, September 5, 2016

Poll Trump vs Clinton September 6 2016

New polling data would appear to indicate that Donald Trump has managed to chip into Hillary Clinton`s lead slightly.

A few weeks ago the RealClearPolitics Average had her 6 points in front, whereas today that lead has shrunk to just 3.9 points.

RealClearPolitics Average (August 22- September 2)

Hillary Clinton  46.0%
Donald Trump  42.1%

Many Trump critics have pointed to his inability to exceed 42-43% in the polls, suggesting that this may be his ceiling. The businessman was briefing leading in opinion polls following the RNC, however this bump quickly evaporated and Clinton once again retook the lead.

The first presidential debate will take place on September 26 and with many people still undecided, it could prove to be a decisive moment in the campaign.

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