Saturday, September 3, 2016

Latest Polls in Pennsylvania September 2016

A new poll out from the state of Pennsylvania shows that Hillary Clinton has a 7 point lead in the key state.

Trump has invested a lot of resources and has constantly said that he believes he can win there, Pennsylvania has not been won by the Republicans for the last 20 years.

The survey of likely voters conducted by The Franklin and Marshall College shows Clinton on 47% with Trump on 40%.

In the case of a four person contest, Clinton`s lead shrinks to just 3%, with the ex First Lady on 41% compared to 38% for Trump, Libertarian Gary Johnson on 7% and Green Party Jill Stein at on 2%. An interesting fact is that 13% of voters remain undecided at this late stage, meaning that the presidential debates could have an effect on which way the state votes.

There is a clear gender divide between Clinton and Trump`s supporters, Trump leads among white men by 41-38 whereas Clinton leads among white women 45-38.

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