Saturday, September 17, 2016

Poll Ohio Trump vs Clinton September 2016

Ohio is known as one of the key swing states in the presidential elections.It is one of the states that Donald Trump will probably need to win in order to triumph in this year`s presidential election.

As recently as the end of august polls were showing Clinton with a 5 point lead in the state, however this has changed in recent days. In a two way race between Clinton and Trump in the state, the Republican Candidate now boasts a 1 point lead averaging polls taken from August 25- September 14.

RealClearPolitics Average (August 25-September 14)

Donald Trump   44.7%
Hillary Clinton   43.7%

In a 4 way race with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Trump still maintains his lead over Clinton

RealClearPolitics Average (August 25-September 14)

Donald Trump   42.5%
Hillary Clinton   40.8%
Gary Johnson     8.8%
Jill Stein             2.3%

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