Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Republican GOP Polls March 31 2016 Trump, Cruz, Kasich

There are just 5 days remaining until republican voters go to the polls in the Wisconsin Primary.

Hitherto Donald Trump has been dominating the primaries, winning a total of 21 contests while his nearest competitor Ted Cruz has won 9. Meanwhile John Kasich won in his home state of Ohio, claiming that following that victory "It`s a whole new race".

Polls last month showed Donald Trump with a large lead in the state however new voter surveys conducted within the last few days give us a better idea of how the race has progressed following the suspension of Marco Rubio`s campaign.

An Emerson Poll of 439 likely voters with a margin of error of 4.6% conducted between March 20-22 shows the following numbers.

Ted Cruz         36%
Donald Trump  35%
John Kasich    19%

An Optimus Poll with a very high sample of 6182 and margin of error of 1.1% shows a very close race between the three candidates.

Donald Trump   31%
John Kasich     29%
Ted Cruz          27%


  1. I live in Texas and consider myself a reasonable person and a conservative. Having Met Cruz and knowing what he has helped do in Texas, I can absolutely say I believe that Trump would be better, and Cruz should go back to Canada. I will vote against the convict Hillary even if that means I have to vote for Ted.

    1. I'm in Texas and I feel the EXACT way you just posted!!!!

    2. I'm in Texas and I feel the EXACT way you just posted!!!!


  2. Trump the man that can do the job. Already proved he CAN!

  3. If Kasich is still in it to screw up Trump's chances of taking a majority win, then he deserves to be eaten by a pack of wolves.

  4. Kasich gets the democrat wing of the republican party. Maybe after this they'll register truthfully. Who am I kidding, they're like ticks.

  5. Go Trump.Trump and smash the establishment,we won't ever go back to them controlling us.

  6. I go for whomever my lord chooses. I follow him not them. My job is obeying him and living out this life in his will not mine which is lacking and weak. God can handle Trump folks can you?

  7. I read that Scott Walker who endorsed Cruz has totally messed up the Wisconsin school system. That's too bad for the children of Wisconsin.

  8. FOX not reporting this poll,...they're stuck on the 10% ones...