Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wisconsin Democratic Primary 2016 Date

The Wisconsin Democratic Primary will take place on April 5 and 86 delegates are available. It is the only state that goes to the polls on this day and therefore will likely garner a great amount of attention.

The race for the nomination in the democratic party has been very intense, with Clinton facing off against Bernie Sanders, who is presenting a type of politics not seen in the United States.

A self confessed Democratic Socialist, Sanders argues that the top 1% has obtained all the wealth and argues for a tax on Wallstreet speculation. He has built his campaign on bringing greater socialism to the USA, such as free college and universal healthcare.

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  1. Our Draconian maldistribution of healthcare violates International human rights law. Because it also blocks access to care of a maligned segment of our population, technically we are fascist. The American poor are todays German Jews. Just adding some balance here to your equally slanderous characterization of a humane distribution of healthcare as Socialism.