Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders Polls April 1 2016 Wisconsin

Love him or loathe him, most people agree that Bernie Sanders has added a new and interesting dimension to this years Democratic Primary race.

He is currently a long way behind Hillary Clinton in the delegate count, especially when superdelegates are factored in. However in a recent interview he observed "If you look at the map of primaries and caucuses, it turns out that the early states really do favor Secretary Clinton because a lot of those delegates came from the deep south". In reference to the superdelegates he also added "I think you are going to see some of them rethinking their commitment to Secretary Clinton if we can show that we are winning states around this country".

The next three states to go to the polls on the Democratic side are Wisconsin (April 5), Wyoming (April 9) and New York (April 19).

Wisconsin RealClearPolitics Average (March 20-28)

Hillary Clinton     47.5%
Bernie Sanders   46.5%


No reliable data

New York RealClearPolitics Average (March 28-29) 

Hillary Clinton    60%
Bernie Sanders  33%

This average is based on wildly differing polls, for example an Emerson poll conducted between March 14-16 with a sample size of 298 and margin of error of 5.6% showed Clinton leading 71-23, a colossal 48 point lead. However, a poll conducted by Quinnipiac just one week later, March 22-29, Sample Size 693, Margin of Error 3.7%, showed Clinton leading 54-42.

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